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Repurposed In Style: Bridge & Tunnel

Have you heard of the term ‘Social Design’? Wikipedia says that social design is ‘design hat is mindful of the designer’s role and responsibility in society and the use of the design process aims to bring social change. Mindfulness is the catchword here. Thinking of mindful ways to incorporate in interior design and styling is something I am always intrigued with. So I was all ears when I learned of the social design label Bridge & Tunnel.

Image source: Pinterest

I myself wanted to see and feel it and got a cushion made of denim waste. I can tell you one thing – it is super soft and comfy. And honestly, knowing that this material would have gone to waste, makes it even more special. They offer a full range of beautiful cushions as well as throws made of repurposed denim. Additionally, they produce fashion items, bags and other accessories made of denim waste. Thumbs up, really!

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